‘Lion King, Lambada, Cherry Blossom, and Titanic’?

​You are invited to explore a selection of fresh Sushi, Sashimi and epecially Maki, the Sushi Rolls!  You'll find our restaurant a warm and cozy ambiance with a bit of Japanese taste.

Since 2002

Our dishes

You will find popular items like sushi, sashimi and tempura, but also warm kitchen dishes such as Yakisoba, Katsu curry and etc. What makes Makiyaki extra ordinary are ‘makis (rolls)’ which will take your idea of modern Japanese cuisine beyond your imagination. Have you heard of rolls called ‘Lion King, Lambada, Cherry Blossom, and Titanic’?


Come and visit us and find out many more exciting dishes and treat yourself with your favorite roll among 50. Also, there are some small plates that you can enjoy them with a cold glass of beer, wine or flask of sake. Share the foods with family, friends and colleagues!